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How to Use Password Policy to Ensure the Security of a Network Cyber attackers are now keen on attacking networked systems. This is mainly because of the fact that attackers know that once they gain access to one system, they are sure to affect the entire system. As a result of this, therefore, there is great need to ensure that computers in a network are secured from any forms of intrusions so that the companies information can remain private. There are various things that can be done to warrant the security of a computer system as we shall discuss shortly. The basic most network security feature that any company can adopt is what is called the user identification policy. This policy stipulates the authorized users who can login into the network and at what times. The policy should also define the hierarchy of network users in a way that access to the system is on a user privilege basis. The top of the hierarchy should always have the admins whose main roles are to modify existing users and adding new users to the network. Additionally, admins can have super users above them whose main role is to run audits on the network systems as well as to approve roles that are above the administrative users. Passwords policy is another element of the access policy. The password policy should dictate the kind of passwords and usernames users are allowed to create. Since not all network users may be knowledgeable on security matters, it is crucial to help such users be aligned with the organizations expectations. Once the password policy has been formulated, checks and controls can be added to the system to ensure that users adhere to the policy as has been set down.
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Third party authentication systems can be deployed to implement password policies. Today many organizations are available whose main concern is to offer authentication software to companies using network systems. Based on the needs of an organization, the right software may be sought. The software bought should be one that will be able to support as many encryptions as possible for user passwords so that attackers are entirely unable to predict user login details.
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Also, password policies ought to limit the sharing of information to a certain degree. Users should never be allowed, for instance, to share system configurations to outsiders. Additionally, information that is outside the scope of the organization should not be introduced to the network by employers by the use of portable devices such as mobile phones since that could expose your systems to malicious software. Other important details that should be in the policy should also be guidelines on password validity, expiry and consequences that can be faced in case there are violations of the policy.